Ever Forward

Week three has been progressing quickly! The other field students at the Mueller Little House site and I have been making steady progress. Two midden units have been completed with a third about halfway done. The northeast quadrant of the pithouse has produced some unique rock formations and we’ve found some interesting pieces of pottery in the surface soil that was removed prior to the beginning of the dig. Sadly, it has lost its context and has become generally unusable for cultural analysis, but hopefully it’ll be put on display somewhere to help people learn about ancestral Pueblo culture.

The heat’s really become oppressive these last couple days, though being from Wisconsin I suppose anything over 80’F would be considered too hot for me. Drinking a lot of water has been essential and so far I’ve been able to avoid dehydration. The view in this area is definitely desirable but I don’t think I could justify ever living here due to the weather and environment. I’m just not built for it.

This weekend will be a busy one for the graduate level field school students, myself included. Our second paper’s due date is fast approaching and many of us still don’t have a clear idea of what we’ll be writing about. It’s definitely hard for me because I know next to nothing in-depth about this region’s history and I’d imagine at least a few other students are in the same boat. We’ll make it through though, I have confidence in us.

Everyone enjoy the rest of their week and have a great weekend!
~Alex M.

P.S.: I apologize to the rest of the field school students for my lack of photos–my phone’s camera is out of whack and I couldn’t find anything suitable for us. That said, I’ve seen hundreds of photos on this page so far and I have to say they’re looking great!


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